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    1. +86 21 5271 6052 info@better-led.com
      Shanghai Leiqiong Lighting Technology Co.,ltd.
      Shanghai Leiqiong Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.
      LED lighting
      Led Highbay Light
      Led Highbay Light
      Shanghai Leiqiong Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd
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      Whether you’d like to get more info on what, why and how we do what we do, need help with what you’re creating, Would like to partner up or just say hi! ---we’d love to hear from you.
      +86 21 5271 6052
      +86 21 5271 6053
      4th floor,Building 1,No,115 Xinjunhuan Road,Minhang District, Shanghai
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      Show Information

      Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo

      Time: 29, Oct--1, Nov, 2019

      Add: Asia international Expo, Hongkong international airport, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

      Booth NO.: 8-B20