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      Description Of The Correct Installation Of Led Street Lights

      Aug. 15, 2019

      Here is a China Outdoor LED Street Light Supplier talking about the description of the correct installation of led street lights.

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      In the process of installing LED street lamps, the standard installation method is the premise to ensure our correct use.

      No Strobe LED Street Lamps

      No Strobe LED Street Lamps

      First of all, the installation height of the led street light of the same road (from the light source to the ground), the elevation angle, and the direction of the lamp should be consistent. The foundation pit excavation size shall comply with the design regulations. The foundation concrete strength grade shall not be lower than C20. The cable sheath in the foundation shall pass through the foundation center and shall extend 30-50 mm beyond the foundation plane. Water must be removed from the pit before casting the reinforced concrete foundation. Metal components such as lampposts, lamp arms, hoops, bolts, and pressure plates used for installation of led street lamps shall be hot-dip galvanized. The quality of anti-corrosion shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standards.

      The longitudinal centerline of the led lamp installation and the longitudinal centerline of the lamp arm should be consistent. The horizontal horizontal line of the lamp should be parallel to the ground. After tightening, the visual inspection should be without tilting. The led lamp holder is fixed firmly, and the adjustable lamp head should be adjusted to the correct position according to the design. The lamp head wiring should meet the requirements. There shall be no joints in the led street lamp arm, lamp plate and lamp post. The threading hole or nozzle shall be smooth and burr-free. It shall be insulated or sleeved, and the length of the banding shall not be less than 200mm. Various nuts are fastened, and gaskets and spring pads should be added. The nut must not be less than two pitches after tightening.

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